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Ski Boot Parts & Accessories

Includes 1 pair of Cambrelle® Covers and Strips for application on custom insoles, orthotics, or insoles of one‘s own choice.
Replacement element for Hotronic Footwarmer set
Includes 1 pair of Extension Cords at 120 CM for attachment of Battery Packs at boot-top, waist, or chest height.
The Foot Warmer Power Plus CUSTOM comes with 2 Battery Packs, 1 Recharger, and 1 pair of Heating Elements with Cambrelle® Covers. For use in HOTRONIC‘s Heat Ready Insoles or on custom insoles, orthotics, or insoles of one‘s own choice.
The new Thin Power Fit Socks from BOOTDOC with HOTRONIC Surround Heating Element encircling the toes for more comfort. An Ultra-Light Heat Sock with large heating element areas, intelligent heat level control, and gentle compression. Features: Ideal Moisture Wicking Compression: Gentle - PFI 30 Best for low volume usage 80% nylon, 20% lycra/spandex Machine wash warm (30C), air dry
Ideal fit Ideal moisture transfer Additional shin-protector Compression: soft – PFI 50, 10 – 15 mmHg Material: 74 % nylon, 20 % Lycra / Spandex, 6 % Merino To be paired with XLP 1P BT POWER SET (Bluetooth)
- Advanced global charging technology with overcharge protection and input range of 100V-240V. - Includes North American and European plug adapters. - Recharger LEDs indicate recharging mode and battery charge status. - Compatible with S, e, and m Series Battery Packs.
For a simple, secure, quick attachment of Battery Packs to power straps. Position Battery Packs above and out of the way of top boot buckles. Includes 2 Strap Brackets and 2 Wire Form Clips. For use with all Hotronic Battery Packs.
Using warm air, TECH DRY dries wet shoes, boots, ski boots, and gloves, as well as motorbike, bicycle, and horse-riding helmets, in a short time and without damaging the material. Even leather boots and shoes can be dried thoroughly and with care. As soon as an item of clothing is pulled over the drying attachment, the program starts automatically and warm air is blown from the inside through the clothing. In the winter months, the TECH DRY is indispensable for all those who like to be outdoors whatever the weather, and it can also be used for preheating. Dry clothing is also important for your health!
The XLP ONE Power Set consists of 2 powerful Lithium-Ion Battery Packs and 1 Recharger For use with Heat Socks XLP consisting of BootDoc's Power Fit Socks integrated with Hotronic's Heating Elements
The three constant heat power settings, and the fourth Power Boost setting, can be selected using the Power button on the battery packs or very conveniently with the HOTRONIC Heat app via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone 6000 mAh capacity offers a category-best 24 hours of constant heating power High-performance Lithium-Ion battery with USB recharging cable Cambrelle covers for easy integration with all types of insoles, whether pre-shaped or customized The HOTRONIC Heat app provides an overview of the current charge status and heating levels. The app is available free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store
A smelly boot situation can develop quickly out of neglect. In order to mitigate unpleasant scenarios for yourself and everyone else within a whiff's distance, the Boot Quick Dry absorbs moisture before it has a chance to do the damage that will clear out a room. Take care your boots, and they'll take care of you.
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